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Superior Design... with the Patient in Mind SM

At SpineSelect, we are focused exclusively on providing minimally invasive systems, instruments and implants that make same-day discharge outcomes consistently achievable for complex spine surgery.

The goal for any complex spine surgery is to return the patient to a normal, active life as quickly as possible.  We believe the best first step on this path to recovery is the patient walking out of the hospital the same day of surgery.

We invite you to learn more about our breakthrough system designed for same-day discharge lumbar spinal fusion.

The statements "TLIF Today… Home Tonight", "Surgery Today... Home Tonight" and "same-day discharge fusion" are based on data on file with SpineSelect. SpineSelect cannot ensure that use of the Marquise MIS Channel System and/or the Turbo MIS TLIF System will result in same-day discharge of patients. Actual time to discharge will vary in each case based on factors such as patient condition and professional technique utilized.